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Beldibi / Kumbucagi

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Rock Shelter
30 m
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Visited - 21/6/2001

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Location: This rock shelter site is 24 km southwest of the city of Antalya; 3 km north of the village of Beldibi; a village 800 m inland from the shore. It lies at the northern point of a long and thin beach; on a limestone outcrop by the sea; approximately 100 m from the shore. The shelter; which today is hidden by the forest vegetation around it; is difficult to find. The Antalya-Kemer highway is very close to the site. It is possible to reach the rock-shelter by walking down from this highway.
Geography and Environment: Because the limestone outcrop that the rock shelter lies in is locally known as Kumbucagi; this name has been chosen by the site director; Bostanci. However; in several publications the site has also been referred to as Beldibi; after the name of the closest village. There is a small cave; 5 m wide; 4 m deep and 3.5 m high; 12 m above the rock shelter. This cave has a 1.2 m soil deposit within it. It is in a very difficult place to reach. The rock shelter; on the other hand; lies in the terrace beneath; which has a semicircular base and which slopes towards the sea. The shallow rock shelter is 3 m wide. This is where the excavations were conducted. Although Bostanci notes that the depositional fill in the rock shelter is 5 m deep; in his site report he notes that he excavated to 6.20 m. The cave and the rock shelter are both in an area that is suitable for hunting and protection. It has not been reported whether there is a nearby water source. This area was used as a temporary campsite or as a habitation area by Upper Palaeolithic (?); Epipalaeolithic and Neolithic hunters.
Destruction Details: The cave is being damaged due to Çamdag Tunnel and careless visitors [TAYEx 21.6.2001].

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