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Dazdagi Düdeni

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Horizontal Cave
195 m
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Black Sea


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Location: The most practical access is through the Zonguldak-Ankara highway. The road deviating to the left (former highway to Ankara) after passing through the Sapca Tunnel leads to the Sapca Village. Then; it is reached by taking the road running to the Sofular Village; and after the village; continuing alongside the creek. It lies 1.5 km east of the Cayirköy Village.
Geography and Environment: It is a sinkhole cave; which was formed following the Pliocene period. It comprises the two end points of the same underground system with the Cayirköy Cave. Except the final zone; the sinkhole is entirely open to surface. There are bulky blocks and pebbles in the floor; and a thick deposit of sand; clay and silt particularly on the right section of the big depression hall in the middle. During dry season; the Sofular Creek flows into a small crack of 30-40 m behind the cave; reaching to the cave from underground. It passes through the blocks and pebbles; disappearing at a siphon at the end of the cave. There is a 4 m deep lake in front of the siphon; which was formed along with a east-west directed fault.
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