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Horizontal Cave
82 m
+43;-11 m
3350 m
Black Sea


Location: It is located on the road around the Uzülmez Region at 4th km of the Zonguldak exit of the Zonguldak-Ankara motorway. The distance from entrance to the center of Zonguldak is 4-5 km as the crow flies; situated to southeast of the city; in Erçek/Ercek Village. It lies on the eastern bank of the Ercek Creek; which deeply lapsed into its bed.
Structural Properties and formation : It can be reached among the rocky blocks through a big fossil mouth. At the end of 250 m; a siphon is reached by walking. Although it is 10 m long; the siphon can be crossed by walking; particularly at the end of summer with the withdrawal of waters. From that point; the cave continues among beautiful decorations in 2 branches following the direction of water inflow. After 1200 m; it ends up with a depression. It was formed within the First Geological Time (Visean-Paleozoic) limestones.
Research History: The first speleological exploration was carried out by T. Aygen and two British speleologists in 1976. The second exploration was carried out during a Turkish-French joint-study in 1977; followed by subsequent explorations by MAD and BUMAK. It was also surveyed in 1978 during the speleological excursion of the British Trent Polytechnic. Later on; it was explored and mapped by MTA. It takes place in the registered archaeological sites list prepared by Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
Findings: From entrance till the siphon; there can be seen black colored molluscs. Also seen are millipedes; cave spiders and bats. Furthermore; fish were seen where the underground creek constitutes small lakes.

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