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Ikigöz / Pinarca Sifonu

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maps Ikigöz / Pinarca Sifonu

Horizontal Cave
276 m
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Location: The outflow of the cave lies 150-200 m northwest of the Pinarca Village. It can be reached by following up the bed of the creek flowing through the village. On the way to cave; ancient Byzantine water tunnels can be seen. Unbroken parts of these tunnels lead to the cave after 35 m.
Geography and Environment: As the first part from the entrance up to the chimney has two mouths; it is called "Ikigöz" (Two Eyes) by local people. Its continuation after the chimney is hardly noticed. During rainy periods; the water level arises and close the entrance entirely; while in dry seasons there exits at least a 45 cm gap between the lake and the roof. This part can only be passed by swimming or lying down on a boat. The gallery after the chimney leads into the first siphon after 100 m. The first and second siphons were dived during the explorations carried out by D. Wolozan and his French team. The gallery suddenly becomes enlarged 300 m after the second siphon. Called as "Gallery of Atatürk "; the width and height of this section ranges from 8 to 15 m and from 10 to 20 m; respectively. Then the gallery is divided into two. In the branch called 'Du Cote d'Ailleurs'; the ceiling is full of thin soda straws in an area of 400 m until the third siphon; which was passed in 1992 to explore new galleries behind it. Since the end point in this gallery is very close to the Kocakuyu Cave; it is indicated in the report that Kocakuyu may be a former branch of Ikigöz.
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